A Fairy Tale Wedding is a company based on solid work ethics. Our diversity of opinions and points of view allows us to provide a fountain of ideas that materialises in accordance to our clients requirements.

Each wedding, each event is treated with the same enthusiasm and dedication as the first. All our planning, collaboration, guidance and advise has one ultimate achievement and that is the couples happiness.  

And as in life, there is always a beginning and an end in almost all that we do, we are left with two main sensations:

 That those who start as clients can in some way or other be considered friends. And the other is pure satisfaction. 


Allan & Rosina

May 6, 2017

I know we’ve thanked you by email but that just doesn’t seem enough, somehow.  When we’ve spoken to people about our utterly magical day it wasn’t just the location, the ambience, the weather; it was your particular attention to running the event smoothly, the totally fantastic food (and we really must congratulate your chef on that), setting out the dining hall, displaying the cakes in such an imaginative and talented manner, but also a general attitude and sense of happiness amongst all – including your staff.